Consignments accepted:

Monday thru Saturday - Consignments are NOT accepted on Sundays

I want to consign! How do I prepare?

  • Consignments are limited to 40 items - per consignor, per day.
  • Items must be FRESHLY Cleaned & Laundered - no exceptions.
  • All Clothing MUST BE brought into the store on hangers - we do not accept items in boxes, bags, totes, etc.
  • Your items should be "Ready-to-Wear". Freshly clean, free from stains, tears/holes, & major wear. Remember, the better the item looks - the higher price we can put on it & the quicker it will sell. Take time for prepping! 
  • Our shoppers LOVE current, on-trend, & stylish items! - Items should have been purchased within the last 3 years. Please remember we are seasonal & accept items of the current season:
    • Spring - February to April
    • Summer - May to July
    • Fall - August to October
    • Winter - November to January

What if I want to consign Furniture/Home Decor?

NTY has made it easy to re-purpose your beautiful Home items! Please review the following as all Furniture & Home Decor items must be:

  • Pre-Approved:
  • Email, call us at 503.472.1418, or bring in detailed pictures of the items
  • Clean, Current, & Ready to Sell:
    Items must be cleaned/vacuum thoroughly & completely odor free
  • Scheduled to be brought in:
    Management will assist with scheduling furniture consignments. Please note that all pick-up/delivery services must be prepaid in advance

How much money do I make?

Our experienced resales experts will carefully research & evaluate the style, age, condition, desirability, & original price of your items to determine the proper pricing. Ask us how you can view your account activity online - anytime! 

    • Items that sell for up to $49.99, you receive 40%
    • Items that sell from $50-$199, you receive 50%
    • Items that sell for $200 or more, you receive 60% 

For full copies of our policies & detailed disclaimers, please click below: