Why Consign?

Here’s just a few things that happen when you consign at New to You...

♻️Drastically Extend the Life of Textiles, thus slowing the waste of fast fashion turnover
🌎Reduce Landfill Contribution
💧Preserve Water!
👣Lower Your Carbon Footprint
🌿Reduce Chemical Pollution emitted in the creation, distribution, & even destroying of textiles
💸Stimulate Your Economy
♾Continue Family Traditions for thousands!
💚Encourage Entrepreneurs of all ages
🌱Did we mention...Save LOTS of Money?

And this is just to name a few! Your support has an endless ripple effect in a positive way, & we can’t thank you enough for helping us in our efforts to save this beautiful planet. Today & everyday ahead, remember that your dollars & donations do MORE at NTY.